Boschkop Primary School opened in 1979. We are a young African School - conscious of our mission to educate, learn and to strive for excellence.


How much are the School fees?

Boschkop Primary School has NO FEES!! We are mostly reliable on donations and assistance from the State.

Does the School have a feeding scheme?

At Boschkop Primary School we provide breakfast and lunch for the learners, as it is vital to us to keep them healthy and in good shape.

Where can the School Uniform be bought?

JetMart Clothing Stores and Mary Fashion. Shirts available at school.

Marys Outfiitters / Marys Fashions
Vermeulen Street
South Africa
Phone: 012 323 4625 / 73

Is there any transport provided for the learners?

Yes, GDE (Gauteng Department of Education) provides free Scholar Transport to and from the School.

What is the School hours?

Daily schedule:
07:15 - Arrival at school premises
07:30 - Learners receive breakfast
07:45 - Collective worship
08:00 - Classes start
11:00 - Lunch break
14:55 - Classes end
15:15 - Teachers depart

What is the Language of Teaching?

We provide education in Zulu, Sepedi and Ndebele in the foundation phase (Grade R - Grade 3). From Grade 4 upwards education is done in English.

How can I make a Donation to this School?

Boschkop Primary School accepts any type of donation: clothes / food / educational equipment, etc. Contact Joseph Ntuli (Principal) at 071 946 5578 or 012 811 2031.

Our Vision and Mission

Propel the School to be a centre of excellence. As a School committed to the culture of Learning and Teaching, we seek to:
- Inculcate co-operation and sound relationships amongst parents.
- Provide educational opportunities for learners and the community.

Location and Premises

The school is 25 kilometres East of Pretoria. The Department of Education has provided us with adequate buildings.


As a State institution, we follow the prescribed syllabus. Unfortunately, we have no library.

Our Learners and Parents

Boschkop Primary School has ± 787 Learners from Grade R (0) to Grade 7. They are keen to learn and are well-disciplined. The greater majority of our parents are farm workers, labourers or unemployed. In general, their ability to contribute financially to our school is insignificant. They earn in the margin of R300-R500.

Sport and Culture

Our learners are keen to participate and excel. However, facilities and opportunity for development do not exist. As a result talent cannot be unearthed to its optimal point.

Our Dream

We are grateful for what we have, our people and our premises. We trust that we will enjoy the support of friends who share our dream: to make Boschkop Primary School a leading school and give our children the chance they deserve.